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Welcome to PERRY RHODAN™

Enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide, PERRY RHODAN™ is a science fiction series originally from Germany. Since its inception in 1961 more than 3,800 novels have been published, including over 2,800 weekly serialized PERRY RHODAN booklet novellas issued continuously since 1961, making PERRY RHODAN the most ambitious future history ever written.

The original weekly German PERRY RHODAN series is published by Pabel-Moewig Verlag KG based in Rastatt, Germany (www.perry-rhodan.net). Supplementary products, including merchandise and foreign language editions, are produced and distributed by independent licensees.

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PERRY RHODAN enters the English-speaking world

From October 2015, the six »Lemuria« novels will be published as e-books

From fall 2004 to spring 2005, six PERRY RHODAN trade paperbacks were published, forming one complete mini-series. The »Lemuria cycle«, conceived by author Hubert Haensel, was very well received among readers. Even ten years later it is still considered one of the highlights of all the stories set in the world of PERRY RHODAN.

From October 2015 on, these six books will also be published in English – as e-books, translated from German by the American translator Dwight R. Decker. The first volume, published on 8 October, will be »Ark of the Stars« by Frank Borsch (German title: »Die Sternenarche«). We are going to publish the remaining five volumes on a monthly basis.

Each e-book is 5.99 euros. The »Lemuria« novels can be bought from all the standard portals, such as Amazon, Science-Fiction eBooks, and Readersplanet. They are also going to be available from the most important shops world-wide. In addition to Amazon und Apple, Barnes & Noble as well as Kobo deserve special mention. Specifically British shops are WHSmith, Hive, and Ebooks.com; for Australia, add Angus & Robertson.

Here is a first teaser text:
»After a tragic accident Perry Rhodan discovers a huge space ship, two miles long and traveling almost at the speed of light. The ship turns out to be an ark, carrying a population of humans who set out on their journey 55,000 years ago, from Earth – Lemurians, the legendary forefathers of mankind.
But Rhodan is not the only one to have noticed the ark. A ship of the Akons, Earth's arch enemies, has also set its sights on this galactic mystery ...«